Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster Is Not Coming To Nintendo Switch, Will Be Called Legendary Edition

EA is reportedly planning to release a remaster of Mass Effect Trilogy which will be called Legendary Edition, according to Jeff Grubb, editor at The Verge.

In a new podcast, Jeff Grub has talked about the remaster, giving a small update on it. He has previously in a different podcast shared that this remaster will come to multiple platforms however it might not release for the Nintendo Switch. It will be likely released for PS4 and Xbox One. EA plans to release the game in the current fiscal year ending March 2021, and rumors point towards a release of this remaster in October.

According to Jeff Grubb, the official title of this remaster is Mass Effect Legendary Edition. One of the reasons why EA has settled on a different title rather than calling it a trilogy is because there is already one available for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Despite there being no official announcement of this remaster, it has been listed by multiple retailers. The most recent listing also had a Nintendo Switch version but that might have been a mistake judging by this new update on the remaster.

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