Mecho Wars creator Luc Bernard will become Sony first-party developer in a heartbeat if given the chance

Luc Bernard, creator of the Mecho Wars which was released on PlayStation Portable at the end of its lifecycle, states that he would happily become a Sony first-party developer if provided with an opportunity to become one. Bernard stated that he loves PlayStation Vita and want to support it as much as he can. The British developer is hard at work for the upcoming free-to-play title, Reaper, coming to PS Vita.

Bernard has also stated that all of his future titles will see a release on a portable system including the amazing Imagination Is The Only Escape, which is about a young boy trying to flee from the Holocaust. Sony openly invites and praises Indie developers and with the upcoming PlayStation 4 also opens up multiple opportunities for Indie developers as well as giving them a platform which is easily to develop and publish on for.

Seeing how PS Vita also shares its lead architect with PlayStation 4’s lead architect, Mark Cerny, the device is the most powerful portable system available on the market right now. Although struggling in sales and what people call “killer apps”, PS Vita is now slowly captivating the world with the Indie titles being on the platform as well as major games coming to it. PS Vita has also been dubbed as the “killer app” for the PlayStation 4 which offers a multitude of things besides Remote Play.


I honestly think that the Vita is the best portable gaming machine out there, [and] I would become a Sony first-party developer in a heartbeat if I got the chance…

We released Mecho Wars on the PlayStation Portable at the end of its life, and this time I want to support the Vita as much as I can.

says Bernard in an interview. He also stated that Imagination Is The Only Escape is also being looked at by Sony to see if it ‘fits’ their machine, which he hopes it will. Bernard also mentioned that Sony is the best console manufacturer to work with.

With such high praises sung for Sony by an ambitious developer with creative ideas, we are hoping that Sony does indeed pick him up for their Indie exclusive team and give him an opportunity and chance to shine brighter than his colourful title, Reaper, coming to PS Vita.

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