Media Molecule’s weekly live stream session for Dreams begins this Friday

Media Molecule has announced that it will be conducting a live stream session each week, in which it will present its forthcoming PS4 game, Dreams. The first live stream is set to take place this Friday at at 3.30 pm GMT. The developer is likely to show off the different aspects and features of its brand new creation tools.


The announcement tweet along with a teaser screen from the game can be seen below.

As to what Dreams is exactly about, not a whole lot is known about Media Molecule’s latest creative venture. Though, going by the brief E3 2015 trailer, it appears to be a modern reimagining of the concept brought forth by LittleBigPlanet, except this time it isn’t bound to a 2D platformer. As a creator, your canvas is now in 3D, and the possibilities are endless. It should be interesting to see how Dreams compares with Microsoft’s Project Spark, which also focuses on user-generated content.

In order to watch the stream, you’ll need to visit Media Molecule’s official Twitch channel. A link to the channel can be found in the tweet below.

No release date has been announced for Dreams, but we’ll keep you updated in this regard as more information regarding the PS4 exclusive becomes available.

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