MediEvil PS1 vs. PS4 Comparison Shows The Amount Of Effort Put In This Remake

Sony has shared a visual comparison of MediEvil between the original game and the new remake. It shows the upgraded visuals and character models from the new Remake.

MediEvil is getting a full remake based on the first game. It will be out on October 25 exclusively for the PS4. The game will be a budget-priced release.

In the comparison shared by Sony, you can have a look at the original game and how it compares to the new remake. The art style has been retained but everything else has been completely overhauled.

Most of the level design remains untouched. The soundtrack has been recorded again while making sure it sticks close to the spirit of the original. As a result, this remake should please those who want to go through a nostalgic ride by playing through the first MediEvil.

MediEvil is one of the many remakes of classic games released on modern platforms. Other series that made their debut again as a remake include Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The Dragon.

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