Medievil PS4: Leaker Claims More Info On Sunday, Releases New Screenshots [Update]

Medievil might be getting a PS4 reboot if the recently leaked images and videos are to be believed. The leaker of these images has now shared some new info on this leak and added that more info will be revealed on Sunday.

Update: It has been confirmed as a Fake fan-made demo. You can read all about it from here.

First he tweeted these 3 off-screen images of the main character of Medievil, Sir Daniel Fortesque. You can check them out below.

medievil-ps4 (1) medievil-ps4 (2) medievil-ps4 (3)

Earlier, he tweeted that the truth about this leak will be revealed on Sunday, whether it is an actual game or just a fan-made fake.

Medievil was originally released on the PS1 and was later remade for the PSP. It also received a sequel on the PS1. It is an action-adventure game in which we take control of a Skeletal Undead Knight.

The last that we have seen of Sir Daniel Fortesque was in the 2012 release of PlayStation All Star Battle Royale. The series has been missing since the release of the remake on the PSP in 2005.

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