MediEvil UE4 Fan-Made Demo Gets Full Video Reveal, Creator Apologizes For Giving False Hope To Fans

Recently, we saw a MediEvil reboot rumor for the PS4 that turned out to be a fake. While it would have been great if this was an actual leak of a official MediEvil reboot, but it wasn’t, and now the developer who worked on this demo has released his full work on YouTube.

We learn from the video that this demo was created in Unreal Engine 4, developed by Guillermo Moreno, who is a talented environment artist having previously worked on a Grim Fandago remake teaser in Unreal Engine 4. He released the full demo video on YouTube, you can check it out below.

He also explains the purpose of this demo apologizing the fans of the series for giving them false hope.

First of all, we apologize for giving you hopes to see Medievil and Sir Dan Fortesque in PS4, we didn´t try to piss nobody off or to make neogaf or other gaming sites our victims.

He then adds that the purpose of the demo was to get Sony’s attention and make them understand that their is still a huge demand for their old IPs.

We try to catch Sony´s attention and make them understand that lots of people loves this old IPs, and we couldn´t imagine that the response will be so overwhelming. Take this as a wake up call and a mere and humble request to bring them back.

We have to say this though, the demo is a really nice piece of work and shows the talent of the creator. Infact aside from the awkward animation, the demo actually looks believable enough to be a MediEvil reboot. Hopefully this means the project is now under Sony’s attention, if it wasn’t before.

Let us know what you think about this fan-made demo in the comments below.

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