Meet Prey’s Female Protagonist, Also Morgan Yu

Bethesda Softworks has just released a brand new trailer for their upcoming game Prey, and this time around it shows us the game world through the eyes of it’s female protagonist.

Her name is Morgan Yu, and she is the very same character as the one introduced in earlier trailers for the game, the only difference is player choice. Prey is a game that will focus on choices, and part of that relies on giving players the option to play as whichever gender they choose. This will not change the story or how a player interacts with the world in any way because, as the developer explains it, “Morgan Yu is Morgan Yu”, and will only be defined by your choices.

Raphael Colantonio, CEO of Arkane Studios, had this to say:

“The theme of identity is central to Prey. Who is Morgan Yu exactly? We want to give you the freedom of being a man or a woman, but we also don’t want to limit who you become when you make that choice.”


The plot of Prey takes place in the year 2032, on the Talos I research space station when it is overrun by aliens. Protagonist Morgan Yu is part of a private research project on Talos I that is working on the advancement of humanity when all hell breaks loose.

Official Gameplay Revealed For Prey At Quakecon 2016

Prey is set for a release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC sometime in 2017. The game is not a sequel or a remake of the original Prey, but should instead be looked at as a re-imagining of the IP.

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