Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 Review (PS4)

When it comes to Mega Man, most fans might remember the classic blue bomber from his first appearance, however, in my case, Mega Man X was the series that introduced me to his character. This entry continues the story by setting it 100 years after the events from the original Mega Man. There were a lot of new characters including Mega Man X and Zero. Major changes to the gameplay improved the flow of action and made it more dynamic. The story focused on Mega Man X and Zero teaming up together to fight against Sigma, who was an incredibly powerful and memorable main villain. It was a dark and gritty world and had a lot of cool concepts and gameplay elements that made it stand out better than the past games.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 brings this classic series to the modern platforms. It is easily the best collection released so far by Capcom. This release not only offers the Mega Man X games in their original untouched format with more features, it also has a treasure trove of content for fans who want to see more behind the scenes details or artwork for every game in the collection.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 has a total of 8 games available in this bundle. If you are a fan of Mega Man X, this is the definitive way to experience this series. The developers have made sure to keep the gameplay intact and even listened to criticism by fans and used the superior SNES version of Mega Man X3 for this collection instead of the PS1 version. It helps in making this collection a better experience than the past efforts to bundle all the games together.

This collection has 2 parts giving you the option to get them individually or as a bundle. You can also buy the retail version that offers both collections into one package. The first part of the collection features the first four Mega Man X games. The second part of the collection has the remaining 4 Mega Man X games, bringing the total number to 8, however, the extras, UI, and presentation in-game are the same between both collections.

What I liked about the collection is how the fans now get to experience the Mega Man X saga spread across these 8 games. The story deals with an advanced race of robots called Reploids. Dr. Cain develops these robots using the technology found in Mega Man X. Some of the Reploids begin to start attacking humans and labeled Mavericks. Dr. Cain then creates another new set of robots designed to kill these Mavericks. They start calling them the Maverick Hunters featuring Mega Man X, Sigma, and Zero among others. Sigma starts his own internal rebellion that results in things not going well for Maverick Hunters and it all ends up leading to the Maverick Wars.

Mega Man X builds on the same design principles as its predecessor. Each game starts with an introductory level letting you learn the controls in the middle of the action. It is usually a short opening that ends quickly with a boss fight and then you can go to a level select screen with the choice of hunting a Maverick. They have their own specific levels that relate to their abilities and defeating them gives Mega Man X new power-ups making him more powerful.

As you make your way from the first game to the last, you will notice the gameplay and visual improvements that introduced in each game. The first 3 Mega Man X games have old school 16-bit visuals but after that, the series started to get released on the more modern platforms beginning with PS1 leading to the jump to 32-bit followed by PS2 and the shift to full 3D. Mega Man X7 is the first proper 3D entry in the series and this continued in Mega Man X8, which still looks great despite the dated 3D visuals.

The story is actually pretty good and one of the better-told narratives spread across eight games. There are some great characters and memorable boss fights that you will experience in this collection. My personal favorite games are Mega Man X4, X5, and X6. One of the reasons why I liked these so much was because Zero was finally added as a new playable character who remains as my favorite with his flashy sword attacks. Speaking of the worst game in the collection, it is easily Mega Man X7. It just hasn’t aged that well and the design feels dated now. Mega Man X8 is a slightly divisive game but it is still a fun experience that doesn’t suffer as much from the flaws as its predecessor.

Some minor flaws are still present in the collection. There is a small issue with the controller lag that the game now suffers from, although I didn’t notice it in the later games aside from Mega Man X1. Since the earlier Mega Man games featured 16-bit visuals, you can choose to pick from a set of filters for them. They are your standard filters that smooth out the pixels when upscaling them, or you can go for a scanlines effect that simulates the look of a CRT monitor. Of course, for the purists out there, it is also possible to disable these filters altogether.

Along with a gallery that lets you view artwork, promotional material and listen to the full soundtrack from each game, you can also watch the official promotional trailers or a short movie that details the history of Sigma. Sadly, this movie was never remastered and looks more like a low-quality video ripped out of a DVD. It also lacks any closed captions making it a pretty lackluster effort. The same is the case with the animated cutscenes that featured in some of the games offered in this collection since they all end up looking badly upscaled.

Lastly, there is a new mode called the “X Challenge” mode that is one of the better additions offered here. It lets you challenge your skills by pitting you against a gauntlet of boss fights. You will have to defeat two bosses at a time by using the three special weapons that you can pick before a fight. Bosses featured here are usually mixed and matched from every Mega Man X game so it is fun to figure out the best weapons and exploit their weakness.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 Review (PS4)

Game Reviewed on: PS4

Game description: Mega Man X Legacy Collection is the name of two collections from the Mega Man X series to be released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via Steam) on July 24,, 2018.


The best collection of Mega Man games so far. This offers a fun story, memorable characters and some of the most challenging gameplay in the series. If you want to relive the classic Mega Man X games, this is the definitive way to experience them.


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