Mekazoo Out For Xbox One In North America

Developed and published by The Good Mood Creators, Mekazoo is a new platformer released this month. The game is currently priced at $19.99 with an install size of 4.82 GB.

Set in a fully 3D world, Mekazoo is filled with bright neon surroundings, and a pretty catchy backing track. The game consists of five Mekanimals – a kinetically diverse cast of creatures, each with its own unique ability. The Armadillo, for instance, is agile and can spin himself into a ball to travel at a high speed. The Frog, on the other hand, is much slower, but its long sticky tongue gives it the advantage of swinging rapidly from obstacle to obstacle.


Other Mekanimals include Wallaby, Pelican, and Panda. Players are supposed to choose one (or more) of these animals to explore the vibrant world around them, and progress through different levels of the game with out being killed.

Some users have found the multiplayer mode of the game to be a little frustrating because switching of Mekanimals between players isn’t very smooth. Moreover, the game has only been released in North America. Users in other regions, like the UK still don’t have the game available to them. No specific date has been given for its release in other parts of the world yet, but we hope we’ll soon hear from the Mekazoo team about this.

If you want to try out the game, or get more information about it, you can visit the Xbox Games Store. 


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