This Metal Gear Solid 1 Intro Remake Is The Best Thing You Will See Today

Metal Gear Solid 1 is one of the best stealth games that redefined the gaming landscape. It was developed by Hideo Kojima and despite the limitations of the PlayStation 1 hardware, it has still managed to hold up rather well.

While Konami hasn’t remade Metal Gear Solid 1, neither they don’t have any intentions to do so, fans have always attempted to work on a potential remake or reimaging and in this regard, the first Metal Gear Solid is an ideal candidate. Officially, there is actually a remake of the game available exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube but it also made a lot of artistic changes that made fans furious.

This brings us to a remake of the intro for the game by a talented fan, Erasmus Brosdau. It was created using the Unreal Engine 4 and uses several marketplace assets for this purpose.

The original intro of Metal Gear Solid 1 remade with Unreal Engine 4. Everything is real-time rendered with Unreal Engine 4 and made by Erasmus Brosdau with usage of various marketplace assets. Audio is slightly remastered, new sound FX added, slightly other edit with new shots and a brand new start menu animation to bring it to a 2018 game quality.

Considering the effort, this definitely looks like a professional intro to an actual remake of Metal Gear Solid 1. It is impressive and gives us a nostalgic memory of seeing the intro on the PS1, which was revolutionary during its time as well.

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