Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Sales Triple on the PS4

Today Konami announced its financial results for three months that last till June 30th, They revealed that their multi multiplatform title Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes sold three times as many copies on the PS4 as it did on The Xbox One; during the first quarter.

The Publisher reported that PS4 sale made up 12 percent of copies sold on the PC and Consoles in the first quarter; compared to the Xbox One’s 4 percent share. Ground Zeroes was the first game Konami brought to the Next-Gen consoles, it was released in March at the end of Konami’s previous economic year.

Last year, the publisher revealed slipping sales and profits for the year that ended March 31 2013. For the full year, Konami posted sales of ¥226 billion ($2.27 billion) which were down by 15 percent year-over-year. Profits dropped 42.8 percent to ¥13.2 billion ($130 million). There was also a widespread decrease in the Publisher’s revenue for its various divisions.


The latest title gave Konami’s revenue a boost for the first fiscal quarter, as reported sales were up 6.6 percent to ¥48.61 billion ($472.6 million) with an increase in net income by 45.6 percent to ¥1.36 billion ($13.2 million). Last year, games from Metal Gear Solid series sold 190,000 copes where as it increased to 570,000 copies for the first quarter of their capital this year. Konami’s pachinko business was also a main reason in their boost in revenues, which was up 400 percent to ¥3.5 billion ($34 million).

Konami is expecting a revenue of ¥220 billion ($2.14 billion) for the full year, up by 1.1 percent year-over-year. The company is expecting to post a net income of ¥7 billion ($68 million), which is up 82.6 percent from its previous campaign.

Konami also reported an increase in their player base as Konami said that the number of registered users has grown ‘steadily’.

We look forward to what Konami will bring to the current generation consoles next.

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