Metal Gear Survive: Check Out 7 Minutes Of Opening Gameplay Captured On PS4 Pro

Metal Gear Survive is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game wasn’t available to play ahead of its launch because Konami had locked it behind an update that was just released a few hours ago. Now that the full game is playable, we have decided to share a short video covering the prologue of Metal Gear Survive. This was captured on the PS4 Pro and the game supports HDR a well, making it a remarkable improvement over the base Metal Gear Solid V game.

Metal Gear Survive is being developed on the same Fox Engine as Metal Gear Solid V however the inclusion of HDR is something that really makes the colors pop out and appear more vibrant. The video below sadly doesn’t feature HDR but you can get an idea of how the game play on the PS4 Pro.

Metal Gear Survive is set in an alternative reality world where soldiers from the Mother Base are transported through a wormhole in order to look into a deadly infection that has made others act like braindead zombies. The game focuses on the survival horror aspect as seen in the gameplay video and it mostly online while support co-op multiplayer.

Metal Gear Survive has launched today on February 20th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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