Metro Exodus Dev Threaten To Drop PC As A Platform If Users Boycott The Game Due To Epic Store

Metro Exodus will not make its way to Steam. This announcement was made abruptly and it all happened within weeks of the game’s launch. It caused quite a stir as expected, but one of the Metro developers might have added more fuel to this fire.

The original post was made on a Russian gaming message board where the developer goes by the name “Scynet” and shared his thoughts on this whole situation. It is important to understand that his comments don’t reflect the company as a whole here, but still, they should have been more careful not to further stir the hornet’s nest.

This forum post talked about how the 4A Games developers feel about the current situation. Once Metro Exodus was announced as Epic Store exclusive, Steam users started to review bomb their games giving it a negative rating and bringing down the overall user score. This definitely caused some distress among the developers.

Addressing this move, the developer talked about how much hard work goes in making these games but just because a certain category of users, who likely don’t even have an interest in buying the game and could just pirate it, they have ended up in the current situation. He talks about Epic Store exclusivity saying that if their fans loved their work, they should have no issue in installing the Epic Games launcher which would take a few minutes at most.

He also says that if all PC gamers will boycott the game then they will consider if the next Metro, if it sees the green light, never comes to PC. This specific bit of his post has generated a lot of response online, and for good reason. If you are a developer, there is no reason to talk something controversial when the issue is so fresh in people’s mind.

4A Games hasn’t really commented on this individual dev’s post so we don’t really have a lot to go on here. Metro Exodus will be out on February 15th for the PS4, Xbox One, and on PC through Epic Games Store.

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