Metro Exodus: Difficulty Settings; Reader, Ranger, Etc explained

Metro Exodus has several difficulty options for players to choose from, read on for an explanation of what each difficulty setting does.

Metro Exodus is the latest entry in the long running Metro series and takes place after 2033 and Last Light. Its almost the first game in the series to be made on an updated version of the developers engine made from the ground up for the current generation consoles. Previous games in the series were cross-gen.

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Although the game has been a subject of controversy these past few weeks, Metro Exodus is finally here and we’ve compiled up what each difficulty in the game does when you get to choose one at the start of the game. Read on below for the full explanations:

Metro Exodus Difficulty Settings Explanation

Metro Exodus has five difficulty settings in total namely Reader, Easy, Normal, Hardcore and Hardcore Ranger.

Metro Exodus Reader Difficulty

Reader is the easiest difficulty in Metro Exodus and is meant for players who want minimal challenge in gunfights and to enjoy the story at their own pace. While playing the game in Reader difficulty players will find an abundance of ammo and resources with high health and minimal challenge in enemies.

Metro Exodus Easy Difficulty

Easy is similar to Reader but the gunflight difficulty is a bit ramped up.

Metro Exodus Normal Difficulty

Normal is the middle-way setting in the game that’s recommended for most players trying out the game. The developers claim Normal to be a good mix between a challenge and not being “overly tough”.

Metro Exodus Hardcore Difficulty

Hardcore is for series and FPS game veterans who have quick reflexes and a mind to keep an eye on resources and ammo.

Metro Exodus Ranger Hardcore Difficulty

Ranger Hardcore is the toughest difficulty in the game and is quite the challenge. Ranger Hardcore in Metro Exodus greatly limits the amount of ammo and resources you can find in the world couple with the fact that your guns now degrade much faster. Ranger Hardcore also removes several helpful display indicators like parts of the HUD, your weapons targeting reticle and more.

The biggest challenge in my opinion while playing Ranger Hardcore in Metro Exodus are the enemies which are now much stronger and smarter. You’ll often find yourself attacked before you can detect the enemies in this difficult. We recommend playing Ranger Hardcore after a playthrough in another difficulty as you understand you way around the game.

That was all you need to know about the difficulty settings in Metro Exodus, for any other questions feel free to ask us in the comments below.

Metro Exodus is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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