Metro Exodus: How to download on PC

The latest title by 4A games is just been made available for download after its release. Follow this guide on how to download Metro Exodus on PC.

Metro Exodus has been published by Deep Silver and was previously on pre-order. After its release on 15th February, the game has been made available for download online. The game is centered in post-apocalyptic world in a wasteland in Former Russian Federation. The game has many exciting features like a day-night cycle or the changing of weathers as you progress in story mode.

So, if you plan on downloading Metro Exodus to PC then this article has all the details.

How to download Metro Exodus on PC?

To download the game on PC, you need to log on to Epic Games store. There you will find the game by typing its name in the search box or looking for it in the applicable categories. Although, it’s likely that you will find it on the front page because its a new release. Getting to the games page, you will have options of editions on the page and you can select between Standard Edition and Gold Edition. Selecting the version will lead you the payment procedure pages if you are logged on to your Epic Games Store account. If not, then you will have to log on first or create an account. Follow these simple steps to download Metro Exodus to your PC.

What is the file size of Metro Exodus on PC?

The game requires around 50GB space for installation of Metro Exodus on PC. Judging from this, you can expect the installation file size smaller than 50GB. This makes the installation file for PC smaller than Xbox One but almost similar to PS4.

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This is all about downloading Metro Exodus on PC. Comment below for anymore questions.

Metro Exodus available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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