Metro Exodus: How to download on Xbox One?

Metro Exodus, the latest title published by Deep Silver is up for download. Here is guide on how to download Metro Exodus on Xbox One.

The game previously on per-order has just been made available now on Xbox store. The game is a first-person shooter developed by 4A Games which is based in a post apocalyptic setting in a wasteland of former Russian Federation.

Metro Exodus also features a dynamic weather system and the seasons change as you progress in story mode. So, if you are planning on downloading Metro Exodus on Xbox One; then this article has all the instructions you need.

How to download Metro Exodus on Xbox One?

The instructions to downloading the game are simple, you have to log on to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox One using your account. Then you have to find the game which you can do by using search box or you can find it in the applicable categories. On the game’s page, there will be a “Get it Now” option in green which you will have to click. Then you will get two options, Standard Edition and Gold Edition. Select the edition you want and on the next page, select the “Buy” option in blue. After that, follow the usual payment procedure on Microsoft store to get Metro Exodus on Xbox One.

What is the file size for Metro Exodus on Xbox One?

The game’s file size is estimated to be around 57 GB on Xbox One. This could change with the future updates that will be released for the game. It is important to add that file download size on Xbox One is notably larger compared to PS4 and PC.

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This all you need to know on getting Metro Exodus on Xbox One. For anymore questions about the game, leave a comment below.

Metro Exodus is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC

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