Metro Exodus Revealed At Microsoft E3 Press Conference

Metro Exodus

The latest installment of the popular Metro series was just revealed at E3 during the Microsoft Press Conference. The gameplay trailer shown at the conference showed the same post-apocalyptic world that we have been a part of in the previous games. The game will be called Metro Exodus.

In the trailer of Metro Exodus, the game showed similar features as in the Metro games, with the players being low on resources, while fighting off monsters and trying to stay alive. The gameplay we saw, had the protagonist travelling to a certain location, while trying to stay alive and fight the enviroment as well as the dangerous creature of the world around him. You can check out the gameplay trailer below:

The trailer also featured new types of weapons like a crossbow, which has not been a part of the previous Metro games. This adds a new dynamic to the game, as players will have to look for other weapons, aside from ammunation.

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