MGS V: TPP Has Adaptive AI, Occasional Pop-In; Details Revealed About Gameplay and Length

Twitter user YongYea has just posted some new information regarding Konami’s forthcoming stealth-action game, MGS V: The Phantom Pain. He has been at the LA review event for the last 8 hours, due to which he is able to answer some of the questions that his followers had regarding the game.


Answering a question regarding the game’s beginning, YongYea confirmed that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain does indeed begin from the Hospital area we’ve seen in the game’s earlier trailers. He said that the sequence was more of a tutorial of sorts, but certainly one that had some of the best presentation he’s seen to date.

He has been playing the game for 8 straight hours, and managed to complete 6 missions along with 4 side-ops. Though, his progress showed that he had only completed 5% of the game, suggesting that The Phantom Pain is a significantly large game. He also mentioned some new information regarding the gameplay. According to YongYea, the game mechanics are now more refined as compared to Ground Zeroes, and the environments are much more open than prologue, with more freedom and options at the player’s disposal.

Regarding enemy AI, he said that soldiers were now smarter than they were in Ground Zeroes, with sharper mechanics. He added that he got caught during stealth on several occasions during his playthrough. He also mentioned that the enemy AI quickly adapts to your tactics. Keep tranquilizing them, and they’ll start wearing helmets in order to make it harder for you to progress using the same strategy.

As for the technical side of things, YongYea answered a question regarding the presence of pop-ins. He said that pop-in does indeed present itself in the open-world game, but its occurrence is occasional.

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