Michael Knowland, Lead Character Artist of The Last of Us, Leaves Naughty Dog – Report

According to the listing on the Linkedin profile of Michael Knowland, he has left Naughty Dog after working for them as Lead Character Artist for more than 3 years.

Michael Knowland was the lead character artist for the critical and commercial hit The Last of Us from Naughty Dog. He worked on the game for a grand total of 2 and half years was the lead character artist. It appears that he has left Naughty Dog now, presumably after finishing his work on The Last of Us. His previous credit includes working at Frontier Developments. He hasn’t written about his new workplace yet.


He now joins the ranks of other former Naughty Dog employees that left the company recently including Nate Wells, Justin Richmond, Amy Hennig, who all left Naughty Dog at the start of this new generation.

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