Microsoft announce price point of the Xbox One

So the price point of the new Xbox One is a whopping $499/€499/£429. Wait until I get started on the conversions of those sums.

This is the key thing we’ve all needed to know, the price of the console. Well what was announced is that the Xbox One will cost $499. Also announced is that in Euros it will cost €499, which is the equivalent of $662 in exchange rates today, likely to get worse as the Euro value weakens. The price in Pound Sterling is £430, which again in the exchange rates today is a whopping $670 and again, the pound is weakening. So unless we see a miracle of economics, we in Britain and Europe are getting screwed.


Now I know that the price over there in the US doesn’t include taxes. However, I know full well that some states have zero sales tax so the price there is an absolute steal compared to ours. I am also fully aware ours includes the price of VAT (Value Added Tax) and at the current rate of 20%, that still means we are being charged an extra £40 compared to the base US price. That £40 would buy us a game for that new fangled console.

Do I agree with this? Hell no I don’t. I think this is exceptionally expensive for what’s being offered when comparing prices. £350 to £380 I could live with. £430, no thanks.

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