Microsoft is building special HoloLens version for Minecraft

We learned about Microsoft HoloLens back in April and the latest news shows Microsoft designing it especially for Minecraft. You play of course with the controller as expected, however you have the ability to use voice or gestures to create and explore the worlds in Minecraft using holograms. Check out the details in the trailer below.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”2NdUv-yLae8″]

Everyone seemed in awe of the near perfect implementation of the augmented reality gameplay as the hologram was perfectly placed on table throughout the demo and the presenter was walking around and interacting with various objects freely seamlessly. One new thing that we saw in the demo was the new “air tap” gesture control in which you raise your index finger and tap down. Although there might not be many practical applications for this gesture, in a game like Minecraft it is definitely more enjoyable to immerse yourself in the living room with the game elements.

Microsoft will announce more details about Hololens at Minecom in July.

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