Microsoft Hiring A Lead Writer For Black Tusk Studios, Job Listing Suggests Character-Driven Story

Black Tusk Studios mysterious Xbox One exclusive project hasn’t really received much details as of yet. It was originally unveiled at E3, 2013 with a CGI trailer. Ever since then, it has been missing in action and from a new job listing, it seems like the game might take a long while to come.

According to the job listing, Microsoft is looking for a lead writer “who can help us bring Microsoft’s next big IP to life”. The listing also explains the role of the individual as “This individual will help us develop the characters, story arc, emotional tone, pacing, dialogue, and flavor of a story that will shape the spirit of this new franchise.”

Black Tusk Studios has been working on an Xbox One exclusive and if we take this job listing as a hint, it might take a while and definitely seems like it won’t get a 2014 release.

Further explanation of the job listing suggests an story-driven action/adventure title:
“Reporting to the Narrative Director the Lead Writer is responsible for setting the bar of excellence in script and plot development. The core of this role is to craft an enthralling character-driven story and define how the narrative will be delivered through different game systems. The Lead Writer must collaborate closely with other designers, developers, and artists across the studio to ensure seamless integration of story and gameplay.”

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