Microsoft Looking Into Fixing “0x8004888d” Error Code For Xbox One Users [Update]

A lot of Xbox One users seem to be complaining on the official Xbox support forums about not being able to connect to live. According to them, they are facing an error code “0x8004888d” whenever they tried to sign-in into their account. Microsoft has issued a official response that they are currently investigating these issues, and they should be fixed soon.

According to various threads on official forums for the Xbox One, people started having issues with signing-in into Xbox Live today, starting about a few hours ago. The official status for Xbox Live shows that the service is currently “limited” and Microsoft is looking into it. The affected console is Xbox Only only. There doesn’t seem to be any indication that this issue affects Xbox 360 users as well.


Are you facing issues with connecting to Xbox Live or signing in into your account on the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

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Update: Microsoft has managed to resolve this issue. Xbox One users should have no problem logging into Live.

“If you were running into issues when you tried to sign in to Xbox Live, then we have good news! Our awesome team of engineers has mitigated the issue and the entire Live network is ready and waiting for you. Have fun!”

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