Microsoft Marketing Exec: “We will kill Sony at E3”

Some brave (or arrogant?) words coming from the green men over at Microsoft. Director of Global Marketing at Microsoft, Craig Davidson seemed pretty confident about the Xbox One in an interview with IGN Spain where according to him the “Xbox One will surprise the world during E3.” following up with “We will kill Sony at E3”.

Microsoft revealed the Xbox One, their next generation gaming console at an event earlier this month. Fans complained that their press conference mainly focused on the console’s media capabilities and failed to show many games. Various promises were made and fans were told to wait for E3, one of these promises was the announcement of 15 exclusive games coming to the Xbox One with 8 of them being brand new IPs.


New information about the Xbox One has been coming out after the reveal as Microsoft execs and other employees reveal tiny tid bits about the console. Some of the recent information we’ve come to know is that the console is region locked, that it will allow instant saves and resumes like the Playstation 4, older accessories like Headsets won’t work on the Xbox One and the boxes will obviously have a brand new design.

Overall the reaction is mixed, but what do you think? Can Microsoft succeed and win this E3? Or do you think Sony or Nintendo will rise to the occasion? Let us know in the comments below.

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