Microsoft Is Already Working On The Next Generation Xbox Console

Xbox One X was recently revealed by Microsoft. It is supposed to be a mid-generation refresh for the Xbox One even though on paper, it is a rather significant hardware upgrade going from the Xbox One S to Xbox One X. The console is set to launch this November and will boost 4K visuals for games among other features. It also comes packed with 4K UHD Blu-ray unlike the PS4 Pro.

While Xbox One X release isn’t until a few months later, Microsoft is apparently already working on a new Xbox console design. The console that is currently in research and development also has a code name, according to Windows Central Editor Jez Corden.

While this is nothing new for console development, since the actual research and development around each new console happens years in advance before it is officially revealed, it is still interesting to see that Microsoft is fully committed to releasing Xbox consoles in the future. One of the reason people were in doubt was because of the sudden change of policy at Microsoft when they merged the Windows 10 Gaming with Xbox so that the Xbox One exclusives games were all made playable on PC as well.

Let us know what do expectations do you have for the next Xbox console in the comments below.

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