Has Microsoft Lifted The Console Ban For Early Xbox One Users?

Recently, Microsoft came into limelight once again for banning users who have received their retail Xbox One which they pre-ordered due to an error on the retailer’s side. One user, Moonlightswami, took to the internet to address the ban issue, in which he stated that the console was banned and not his gamertag. He later received recognition and Major Nelson then took notice and assured him that his console is temporary banned and the ban will be lifted once the console officially launches.


Now another user, CJ aka cjcool804, who received his PlayStation 4 early and has supplied everyone with enough information on the system ahead of its official launch, has also gotten his hands on the Xbox One early. He took a chance to update the console with the Day One update despite knowing that the console stopped working for other users who updated. The update is 500MB in size.

To his surprise the Xbox One was not banned after the update and he can use it normally. This means that Microsoft has removed the console ban for early users of Xbox One despite not being officially launched.

He then proceeded to download Killer Instinct on his Xbox One:

Did Sony somehow influence Microsoft into making the decision? Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, was asked that if people got their PlayStation 4’s early and if they go online would they be banned? To which replied with a simple “no”.

Stay tuned with us as we bring you more information regarding this story.

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