Microsoft To Send A Legal Document To Early Xbox One Receiver, Stating He Was Not At Fault

Moonlightswami is the lucky individual who became an internet sensation among the gamers on the internet when he received the Xbox One he pre-ordered from Target, early. This happened due to a mix up and the error on part of retailer. Moonlightswami, unable to contain his excitement posted his unboxing pictures and videos of his Xbox One while also showcasing many of the features of the UI.

This move grabbed the attention of Microsoft and Moonlightswami’s Xbox One was banned from accessing the internet. Luckily his gamer tag wasn’t banned and only console was banned. Claiming that receiving the Xbox One two weeks early was not his fault, Moonlightswami pleaded his case on twitter and gained many sympathetic followers for his cause. The generated buzz was enough to catch the attention of Microsoft’s famous PR Executive, Larry Hryb widely known as Major Nelson.

Major Nelson then proceeded to have a discussion with Moonlightswami and later on it was confirmed that the console ban was temporary and the ban will be lifted on November 22 when the Xbox One officially launches. This publicity of Moonlightswami landed him some pretty sweet deals from Microsoft. Apparently he has been invited to attend the launch party of the Xbox One, his YouTube channel will be fixed. He also stated that he will be able to post content from his console before the official release and also received a $100 giftcard from Target for his trouble.

The most notable of his tweet was that Microsoft will be sending him a legal document citing that the receiving of the Xbox One early was not his fault in any way.

Seems like everything has worked out for Moonlightswami in a positive way. That legal document he is receiving would be proof from Microsoft’s part that it was not the fault of the end-user in case the said user decides to sue them.

Many have expressed their concerns that this drama was nothing but a huge PR stunt staged by Microsoft to show that it is not a giant evil corporation that many believe or have started to believe after their DRM policies.

What do you think about all this? Good move from Microsoft’s part? Let us know in the comments below.

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