Microsoft Has Shipped One Million Xbox Elite Controllers

Microsoft has confirmed that they have shipped more than one million Xbox Elite controllers as of June 29th. This was revealed in a tweet by Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer on Twitter.

Phil Spencer shared an image of the 1 millionth manufactured controller in a tweet, also confirming that they have developed more than 1 million Xbox One controllers so far. This is a great milestone for Microsoft considering the premium price of this Xbox One controller, which retails for $149.99.

Xbox Elite Controller was revealed at E3 2015 by Microsoft. It was marketed as a premium quality controller with an improved design that was the perfect fit for first person shooters. It had a different layout and build quality compared to the standard Xbox One controller and still has a huge demand among the enthusiastic crowd, which can be seen with the development of the 1 millionth Xbox Elite controller.


This controller can also be used for PC along with the Xbox One, which likely contributed to its surprising success. It faced stock issues during its launch month, which likely were due to the high demand.

Microsoft is launching a brand new iteration of the standard Xbox One controller this August with the launch of the Xbox One S. It remains to be seen if they will update the design of the Elite controller to coincide with the Xbox One S launch.

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