Microsoft Starts Experimenting With Cheaper Digital Prices On XB1, Ryse Available On Sale For $39.99/£34.99

Microsoft promised cheaper digital prices and it seems like they are slowly trying to experiment with it. The first title to see this experiment is Ryse: Son of Rome on the Xbox One and you can buy it digitally for $39.99 from 18th February to 24th February.

This news was shared by Mike Ybarra, Studio Manager at Xbox. He confirmed the price of Ryse on twitter and added that this sale will run from 18th February to 24th February. He also promised special deal on the DLC/Add-ons for Ryse: Son of Rome from 25th February and onwards.


Mike Ybarra also assures that the price in UK will be as close to US as possible.

Update: Ybarra has confirmed the price of Ryse: Son of Rome in UK. It will be available for £34.99 in UK.

He also drops the news that a pre-order feature is currently on their feature list for Xbox One and they are definitely looking into adding it in the near future.

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