Microsoft strikes back at Sony with their ad stating “Xbox One has the best games”

As the launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One draws near, the marketing is getting aggressive on both sides. Microsoft recently tweeted a new picture stating “Xbox One has the best games”.

The launch titles of PlayStation 4 were meet with lukewarm reception. Most of them scored mediocre to average review scores and didn’t exactly meet the hype. Xbox One has a lot more launch exclusives and we will know soon enough, whether they are up to the quality or not.

The official ad of Microsoft for Xbox One proudly states that they have the best games, which can be seen below.

The Xbox One exclusives weren’t entirely free from controversy. Dead Rising 3 in particular is still facing technical and frame rate issues despite running at 720p and it also runs at just 30 fps. Ryse wasn’t free from controversy either, it received plenty of bashing in previews and doesn’t exactly look like a title that can do well with critics.

Xbox One reviews will start rolling out on 21st November and we will know soon enough that whether they are welcomed or receive the same fate as PlayStation 4 launch exclusives.

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