Microsoft Wants To Have A Great E3, Still Working Through PR Plans For All Of Their Franchises

It has been a cold war of exclusives between Sony and Microsoft this generation. Sony has got games like DriveClub, inFamous: Second Son, The Order: 1886 and Uncharted while Microsoft not only brought Gears of War franchise, they are also working on some exclusives of their own like Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Gears of War and Halo. Unfortunately, both sides are pretty tight lipped over their games.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has always been questioned by fans regarding the franchises they love, and the development state that they are in currently. According to Phil Spencer, they still haven’t decided if they should release new info about their games before E3, and they are still working on PR plan for them. Phil Spencer calls this time of the year as “PR Planning Time”.

Honestly we haven’t decided. Still working through all plans for all franchises, this is pr planning time for the year.

He also talks about how they want to have a great E3 this year and they want to keep the momentum going on.

Always a balancing act. Everyone knows we want to have a great E3 and all of us want news early to keep momentum. #Tradeoffs

Phil Spencer also seems satisfied with the progress of Quantum Break and the direction Remedy are taking with the game. He thinks that the Time Control mechanics will be as revolutionary as the Bullet Time mechanics of Max Payne.

Remedy is doing great job with the story/chars. BT in MaxP was special, time ctrl in QB could be their next.

In term of battle of exclusives, the PS4 is going to get inFamous: Second Son in March and MLB 14: The Shown in May, meanwhile the Xbox One will be getting TitanFall in March and Kinect Sports Season 2.


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