Microsoft Supposedly Working On A New Xbox Console, Name Leaked – Report

Microsoft released their current generation console Xbox One at the end of 2013. It has been close to 3 years since they have released their last console so there might be a chance that they are already planning their next hardware. Thanks to a leak discovered through the Linkedin profile of a visual designer working for Microsoft, we have now a confirmation and name of their next Xbox hardware.

This leak was discovered by CraveOnline who found the visual designer’s profile on Linkedin and they took its screenshot which revealed the projects that he worked on during his time at Microsoft.

Among the consoles that were listed on his resume, Xbox neXt was one of the consoles along with Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It is entirely possible that this might be the next Xbox console from Microsoft.


The visual designer has been working with Microsoft since 2006 and started working on Xbox in 2008, so his Linkedin profile is definitely legit. The question now remains if this was an actual project or simply a fancy name for some internal prototype.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has recently talked about small iterative updates for their console that might not have the same impact as a full generation upgrade but with the advantage of forward and backward compatibility, they could have increased the hardware potential without fragmenting the userbase.

Microsoft will be hosting their E3 conference this June in Los Angeles so if they have plans for a new console, we might hear about it at their conference at E3.

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