Microsoft’s Albert Penello talks about Xbox One Sales, Yield Issues and More

The Xbox One has been in the headlines lately because of its launch and record breaking opening. It was launched in close to 13 territories and sold more than 1 million units. Just like PS4, this was sell-through to the customers and not to stores. Microsoft’s Director of Product Planning, Albert Penello, gives us further insight on these sales and also squashes the rumor of the supposedly new version of Xbox One to be released next year.

Penello outrightly denied the rumor of Xbox One getting a new version next year.

no. Just no. I’m not even going to let this one get started. No.

His response was pretty straight forward. There is no such new version of Xbox One coming any time soon, in other words, this rumor was false.

Penello is also happy over the sales and calls it a good sign for the industry. Since both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have sold more than 1 million units, it really paints a positive light over the whole gaming industry. He says that a comparison between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sales is not  possible because of how they launched in multiple countries while Sony decided to focus on a selected few for their initial launch.

As for the numbers, as people have said it’s great for the industry (after all the reports of the “death” of consoles) to see the sheer amount of interest and excitement with consumers and the media over this. It’s really amazing.

Sony chose a different path for launch, so an apples-to-apples comparison is impossible. We had X number of units to sell and we chose to launch in all our launch territories. Sony had X number and chose to focus on North America. Neither was better than the other.

In this circumstance, comparing our US number vs. their US number would be like comparing our UK number to their UK number. They don’t have any in the UK yet, so it’s not a fair comparison.

He also hints that both consoles are still in high demand and hence it will be hard to get our hands on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 these holidays.

Both consoles I think will be hard to get through the holidays.

He then makes fun of the so called “Yield Issues” with Xbox One. The ESRAM was thought to be the main cause of it but as Penello said, there is no such thing as “Yield Issues”.

And I love how “yield issues” is still a thing. What was the precise number we needed to make for that to go away? There were no yield issues.

So there you have it. Albert Penello has not only denied yield issues rumors, he also denies the rumor of a new Xbox One model to be released next year.

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