Microsoft’s First TV Series coming to Xbox this June 15th

The Xbox One was announced at E3 2013, Microsoft had repeatedly made claims that ‘Original’ content would be coming to the Xbox. No news of anything as such was seen at this year’s E3, now Microsoft has come out clean as the well awaited series will be releasing this June 15th. Although only the first episode is to come out on the given date, it is a good start to what might even turn out to be something big.

Microsoft took advantage of the world cup as the soccer craze going around is a perfect opportunity for a soccer themed Tv Series.


Every Street United is an interactive Tv show coming to the Xbox, it will also be available on Xbox video on your PC, Windows Phone and the Web itself but not all features will be accessible on these platforms.

“The TV shows will revolve around trying to find the best street soccer players from around the world. Two legendary footballers, Thierry Henry and Edgar Davids set out to discover the fiercest street soccer warriors from countries across the globe. Eight unknown players will win the chance to prove their skills to Rio – and to the World. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them, and your ticket to experience the ultimate street soccer showdown.”

Microsoft hopes that with original content, it can separate itself from competitor consoles. Several devices nowadays can stream Netflix and other services but Microsoft is trying to entice users to its platform.

Looking at the decision made by the guys at Microsoft, its not a bad idea as it was adopted by Netflix quite recently and was a success. HBO has been doing it for years, along with being a huge success, they have hauled up a vast number of users. We will keep you posted on what happens as the series progresses but for now all we can do is wait.

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