Microsoft’s method to finding NDA breakers on the Xbox 360 was ingenious

NDAs being broken is a huge concern for game developers nowadays as its getting easier and easier to share content with others around the world. We recently covered how EA handled Anthem’a Alpha NDA being broken by a Streamer, which led to the streamer’s whole Origin game library being deleted.

A developer who worked on the Xbox 360’s dashboard recently revealed the way Microsoft tracked NDA breakers during the last console generation.

The NXE Dashboard that replaced the Xbox 360’s Blade UI had rings in the bottom right corner surrounding the Xbox logo. Cullen helped embed the Xbox 360’s Serial Numbers in these rings so it could help Microsoft find out who exactly broke the NDA and take immediate action.

Do note this was for internal use only and didn’t make it to the public release of the Xbox 360 Dashboard.

The developer further revealed how they did this for anyone who wants to incorporate in their own programs or software.

This is so smart.

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