Microsoft’s Search For Steve Ballmer’s Replacement Narrows Down To Four Candidates

Microsoft’s current CEO, Steve Ballmer, will be stepping down from his position in the next 12 months. A special committee that includes Bill Gates will decide on who the next CEO will be. Apparently a long list of 40 candidates has been narrowed down to four potential candidates to take the mantle of the CEO.


According to Reuters, these four candidates include: Microsoft’s own Satya Nadella, former Skype CTO, Tony Bates, Nokia’s Stephen Elop and Ford’s Alan Mulally. Satya Nadella has been incharge of and been running Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise business. Tony Bates, after the Skype buyout by Microsoft, is responsible for Microsoft’s business development. Stephen Elop will return to Microsoft once the Nokia acquisition by the company is completed and despite being committed till 2014 to Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally is a strong candidate.

Who do you believe is the right choice to become the next CEO? Do these four candidates have what it takes to lead Microsoft the same way Steve Ballmer did, to a profitable future?

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