Mike Ybarra Talks About Xbox One X: It Was Designed To Play ‘Best Version’ of Games

Xbox One X is the next mid-generation upgrade console from Microsoft. Compared to its competitor, the PS4 Pro, the Xbox One X hardware is significantly more powerful with more RAM and GPU power available to the developers. This has resulted in some native 4K games already being announced for it which is an improvement over the checkerboard rendering technology used in the PS4 Pro to achieve 4K resolution.

Recently VG247 conducted an interview with Mike Ybarra in which he gave some interesting answers on their design approach for the Xbox One X.

Ybarra talked about the PS4 Pro release last year stating how they could have done the same and released a hardware upgrade, but they choose to wait one more year just so they could release a more powerful hardware that can play the ‘best version’ of games. Mike Ybarra is fairly confident that they seem to have achieved this goal with the Xbox One X and the reports from developers and the technical makeup for some of the Xbox One X games confirms that this is indeed the case so far.

It’s a great question. I mean, we could’ve come out with a console last year like Sony did. It wouldn’t have been 40% more powerful and whatnot – and we wanted to come out with a console that was a significant enough leap so that people could play the best versions of the games in the world, hands-down. I like that we’ve done that.

Certainly this is a big jump forward in terms of what the living room experience can deliver – the Tomb Raider release that they did last night I thought was a good example of… they said look, the absolute best version here hands-down is going to be on Xbox One X, and so I love what we’re doing there.

Xbox One X was also one of the fastest selling Xbox console for Microsoft and the day one edition of the console is already sold out while the standard edition should be available to purchase starting November 7th when the console launches worldwide.

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