Minecraft: How to farm Diamonds in the Overworld realm

There are various stones and precious gems that you can farm in Minecraft. Along with the gems, diamonds are among the rarest materials you’ll find in the game. Using diamonds, a player can make a diamond pickaxe to farm other gems.

In order to find diamonds, you need to be in the Overworld realm. Once you reach that area, just dig down into the bedrock. Make sure to check the Y scale of your character. It must not be below 15. On PC, press the F3 key to view the character’s Y value, then search between range 0 to 15. You can alternatively get diamonds by hitting bedrock and then travelling up a couple of blocks.

To mine diamond, you’ll need to have an Iron or Diamond Pickaxe. Moreover, you may find Iron Ore during the diamond dig. You can then collect the ore, craft a Workbench, a Furnace and then refine the Iron to create the pickaxe.

There you’ve it. Make sure to collect as much diamonds as you can because there are over 1,500 uses for this material. Additionally you can use diamonds to unlock achievements in the PC and console versions.

There are various things that you can do using diamonds. You can throw a diamond at a zombie or another player. If the NPC or person picks up the gem, you’ll receive an achievement. Moreover, you can also kill a zombie by throwing some diamonds at him.

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