Minecraft Goes Portable And Next-Gen, Full Details Revealed

The vastly popular PC sandbox game, Minecraft was recently ported to the PS3. It arrived early on the Xbox 360 than the PS3, the PS3 version was not well received as compared to the Xbox 360 version let alone the PC. Now, the game has been brought to the PS4, Xbox One and the PlayStation Vita. Porting games to new consoles is a tedious job which is why there was a delay.

You can read the full details for Minecraft on the PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One below.


  • Minecraft PlayStation 4 edition will launch on PSN in August, It brings significantly greater worlds and greater draw distance as compared to the PlayStation 3 or the PlayStation Vita.
  • It includes all features from the PlayStation 3 version and will cost you $19.99
  • If you previously bought a digital copy of Minecraft from PSN on your PlayStation 3, you will be able to upgrade it on the PlayStation 4 for $4.99, however, the time duration for the upgrade is one year.
  • Developers are closely working with Sony Computer Entertainment to make upgrading from the Blu-Ray version possible. We’ll have more info on that near to the release.
  • Players will be able to import saved worlds from the PS3/Vita version however they will not be able to import from the PS4 to older consoles.
  • Cross Platform play is not possible between PS3/Vita and PS4.
  • Most of the DLC skins and texture packs purchased on the PS3 will be available on the PS4 but some of them are not due to licensing.



  • Minecraft PlayStation 3 + Vita edition will launch on PSN in August.
  • It will include all the features currently available on the PlayStation 3 version.
  • Everyone who has bought Minecraft for the PlayStation 3 will get the Vita version for free. Some people also refer to this as ‘Cross-buy’.
  • Mincraft PlayStation + Vita edition will cost you $19.99
  • You will get the game for both consoles regardless on which you buy it on first.
  • World saves can be transferred from any of the two consoles to the other that is from the Vita to the PS3 or the PS3 to the Vita.
  • All DLC purchased on the PlayStation 3 edition will be available on the PlayStation 3 + Vita version.




  • Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will be released on Xbox Live Marketplace in August. It brings significantly bigger worlds and a greater draw distance than Xbox 360 Edition.
  • It will include all the features from the most recent Xbox 360 title update and will cost $19.99.
  • If you’ve bought Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition from Xbox Live Marketplace, or played online with the disc version, you will be able to upgrade to Xbox One Edition for $4.99.
  • You will be able to upgrade for a minimum of a year after the release date.
  • Players with Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition saves will be able to import their worlds to Xbox One. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to transfer saves from Xbox One to Xbox 360.
  • Cross platform play will not be possible between Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
  • Most of the DLC purchased on the Xbox 360 Edition will be available on the Xbox One but some of the items are trapped in licensing.

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