Minecraft Update Version 2.00 Full Patch Notes

Minecraft update version 2.00 was released today for the PS4. Here are the full details and patch notes for this update which is available now.

Minecraft Bedrock Version is officially available with the launch of the 2.00 update today. This brings support for cross-platform play and finally bumps the PS4 version up to the same features as the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC version of the game.

After the release of the Bedrock Version update, there were some bugs that were being experienced by the players including overall low performance and other issues. 4J Studios has released a quick bug fix to solve any issues that the players might be facing in the game.

Minecraft Update Version 2.00 Full Patch Notes

Version 2.00

  • Bug Fixes

The game is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Smartphones.

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