Minecraft: Version 1.11 Announced For PC And Mac

Minecon 2016 has just ended, and a number of major announcements and updates were revealed for the game during the event, the first of which is the upcoming release of version 1.11 for the desktop version of the game.

Version 1.11 of Minecraft is named “The Exploration Update”, and though the update itself won’t be very large, it will still exceed version 1.10 in size and will place an emphasis on the game’s Survival Mode.


The update will introduce a brand new dungeon called the Woodland Mansions, which are massive above ground dungeons that can be found in the game world. Inhabiting the Woodland Mansions are a brand new hostile mob called the Illagers, enemies that will attack intruders in the Mansions with magic and are capable of summoning mischievous flying imps called Vexes.

Also available are new maps that can be purchased from Cartographers in villages. These maps are unique in that they allow players see the locations of Ocean Monuments and Woodland Mansions in the world. Another item is the Totem Of Undying, that allows players to null damage received in return for consuming the item itself.


Shulker Boxes were also introduced, which are special chests that retain their contents even when they have been knocked down.

But perhaps the one addition that drew the greatest amount of noise from the audience during the official livestream was the introduction of llamas. These animals act as moving chests and players are even able to form caravans with multiple of them. They can be decorated with carpets and even attack hostile mobs using a ranged spit attack.

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Version 1.11 will include all of the above mentioned content and much more, and while a release date has not been confirmed for the update yet, a brief “snapshot” is set to arrive this Wednesday.

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