Mirror’s Edge 2 Details Revealed By EA

EA have revealed some more details for the upcoming reboot of the highly acclaimed first-person action/parkour game Mirror’s Edge which was released in 2008. A trailer was released earlier this year  which confirmed that after being dormant for almost 5 years, Faith finally made a comeback.


“Mirror’s Edge is about mastering the environment. Mirror’s Edge is about Faith”
These words opened the presentation on Mirror’s Edge and team provided us some insight on the game!

The development team behind the game explained that a lot of thought was put into Faith, the protagonist of the game to ensure that her overall look explains that “You shouldn’t mess around with her”

“The game is defined as elegant and minimalistic and it has to have a certain attitude. and Faith’s body needs to reflect her life – what she does, who she is”

The last game was critized for being too linear but this time they devs ensure that this will not be the case

“Mirror’s Edge is a game which is focused very heavily on movement and we want the player to experiment. You know you can get to a point — but how? and that’s when you explore, not just the environment but what Faith can do”

Now you would also be able to incorporate environment in your combat,

“You would analyses the geometry of the environment to see how you can use it against the enemy”

Mirror's Edge

You can see the trailer which was presented at E3 here:

Keep tuned as we will provide more information as soon as its made available.

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