Mirror’s Edge Catalyst E3 trailer, coming February 23 2016

Mirror’s Edge catalyst was announced some time back with very little information. Although we are seeing a sequel after more than 7 years since the first game, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will be a series reboot with a new character model for Faith, our protagonist. The game certainly looks beautiful as can be seen in the reveal trailer below.

It seems like EA is putting all of its games in the Frostbite engine basket as Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is yet another game to be based on the same engine. Catalyst also explores the background story of Faith. Series reboot means a new antagonist called Gabriel Kruger who is closely linked with Faith’s past. However, the core objective of the game remains the same i.e. carrying and transporting information.

Say goodbye to levels as the game will be open-world with no loading screens. Once more the combat is based on martial arts and no weapons, just the way we like it. Platforming is also expected to be improved with new possibilities and of course, Faith using her momentum to gain advantage while maneuvering.
Are you excited about Catalyst and the open world setting? Tell us in the comments below.

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