Mirror’s Edge Catalyst forgoes Gun play, will rely on melee combat

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is the long awaited second entry in the Mirror’s Edge franchise. Although not a sequel, prequel or reboot – Catalyst will be changing things around from the original. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will no longer have gunplay as revealed by the game’s Senior Producer Sara Jansson in an interview with Polygon.

In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you won’t be using any guns at all,

We’ve completely removed that aspect of the game. You can’t even pick them up.

There will be enemies to fight of course, to defeat them Faith will be relying on a more melee focused approach.

Faith will fight, but she doesn’t kill,

Now the fighting is more of an extension of the movement. It builds on the flow. It fits a lot better with the game mechanics. When Faith is in flow, when she stitches together move after move without failing and keeps her momentum going, she’s actually invulnerable to bullets. That can keep her out of harm’s way. It’s only when she stops that she can get hurt.

Sounds interesting. Gunplay always felt out of place in the original Mirror’s Edge, can’t wait to see how the new game plays.


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is headed to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC on February 2016.

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