MLB 14: The Show Install Size Revealed On The PS4; Only 5 GB Required Before We Can Play It

MLB 14: The Show was already a hefty download on the PS3, weighing in at about 20+ GB. It appers that the PS4 version is almost double the size of the PS3 version, and is now finally up on the official SEN store.

MLB 14: The Show recently faced a lot of controversy when Sony failed to unlock the game for users who pre-ordered it digitally to avail the “Day 1 Digital” offer for the game. This offer is also available for the upcoming Watch_Dogs so hopefully Sony can solve this issue before its release.

MLB 14: The Show is now available for purchase from the SEN store and it is a huge download at about 37.5 GB. Interestingly, only 5 GB of download is required before we can start the actual game, the rest of the download will continue in the background. Those who brought it digitally can also finally grab it, after waiting for more than 12 hours for the supposedly “Day 1 Digital” offer for this game.


Sony did take it to the official PS Blog and Twitter to apologize about the inconvenience faced by users, who pre-ordered the game to download it on its official release. It appears that they are also offering refunds, but with mixed results, as some users are claiming that they aren’t getting any refunds at all and were instead told to wait until the store updates.

You can head over the store page here to purchase and download the digital version of the game.

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