MLB 14: The Show Has Some Truly Bizzare Glitches On The PS4

MLB 14: The Show was recently released for the PS4 and while it may have some great looking character models and gorgeous graphics, it also comes with some serious looking graphical glitches of its own.

Reddit user itscrizzy has compiled a whole set of screenshots showcasing the various graphical glitches of MLB 14: The Show.

mlb-14-the-show-glitch-1 mlb-14-the-show-glitch-2 mlb-14-the-show-glitch-3 mlb-14-the-show-glitch-4

The glitch showing completely black textures is nothing new, it has also been recorded in the form of a video, that we covered earlier this week. Although it is surprising to see the pink textured glitch, which seems rather ‘pinkish’.

MLB 14: The Show is developed by Sony’s San Diego Studio and it is exclusive to PlayStation platform. It has been released on the PS3 and Vita last month although the PS4 version arrived a little late, and was released this week. Despite the delay in PS4’s release, it doesn’t appear to be free of glitches and apparently also has issues with load times and online multiplayer.

Whatever is the case for MLB 14: The Show, hopefully these bugs can be ironed out in future patches and updates.

Have you ever encountered any such glitch? Let us know in the comments below.

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