Mobile gaming through the roof in 2019

Since the olden times games have been traditionally played on home consoles, with a funky looking box connected to your TV. This changed with the success of portable consoles like Nintendo’s Gameboy with Sony joining later with the PSP. Nowadays majority of gaming, much to the average hardcore gamer’s surprise, is done on smartphones.

Mobile Gaming has come a long way, with Snake on the Nokia 3310 to proper console sized games that you can play on the latest phones.

One of the reasons Mobile Gaming became such a sensation is that everyone has a phone that they have to carry, it’s almost as essential as a wallet with that too about to get replaced in a few thanks to smartphone payment services like Apple Pay for example. In a few years the only thing people will need to carry with them would be their smartphones. I mean car makers are even making digital keys like the one provided with the latest Tesla allowing you to use your car without a physical key.

Smartphones owners have themselves a wide variety of games at their disposal no matter if they own an Android phone or iPhone. You want an outdoor focused Pokemon game? You have Pokemon Go, want a strategy RPG? You have Fire Emblem Heroes, sports title? EA’s FIFA and other sports titles have games already available, or are you a slots fan? There’s a ton of options on this site.

Gaming on the go is its own sensation and you can do it on any device thanks to cross platform compatibility becoming better and better with each year. Developers and their tools too are getting better at providing the best experience to every device without having to spend time tweaking the game for each device.

With smartphones getting more and more powerful there’s no telling when traditional consoles will be replaced. Look at the Nintendo Switch for example, a portable console that connects to a dock to enable gameplay on big screen TVs. Although this has been possible and done by Smartphone manufacturers before, who knows if they invest more in the feature and kill consoles outright? Only time will tell, but for now we know that Mobile Gaming is here to stay.

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