The Monkey King Comes To DotA 2 This Fall

Yesterday, we reported on Valve revealing the return of the DotA 1 Hero, Underlord. The hero is the final DotA 1 character to be released for Valve’s DotA 2. DotA 2 has been out for 5 years now, however, Valve has yet to release the full hero roster from the old Warcraft II mod.

After the release of Underlord, every hero from the DotA 1 mod will be available in DotA 2. Today, Valve revealed a brand new hero coming to the game this fall. A new character trailer was uploaded to the dota2 Youtube channel, introducing fans to the Hero known as, The Monkey King.

This is the first time that Valve is adding a brand new hero to DotA 2 aside from the initially 112 heroes that were added to the DotA 1 mod. In the trailer, you can see the hero using the in-game item known as Monkey King Bar. Which states that the item is, indeed, the Monkey King’s weapon in the game.

DotA 2 Monkey King New Journey Update

In the trailer, we can also see that the hero has the ability to create illusions of himself, adding another illusion based hero to the game, alongside Naga Siren, Phantom Lancer, Terror Blade and Chaos Knight.

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The Monkey King will be added to the game in The New Journey Update, which is expected to come out this fall.

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