Monolith Soft’s Kyoto Studio puts up teaser site, new project incoming?

Monolith Soft’s Kyoto Studio opened in 2011 as the Xenoblade developer took on more and more projects. The Kyoto Studio’s first project is yet to be revealed but a teaser site recently went up with a Twitter account. Something tell us an announcement is incoming soon.

Text on the page features the following tagline:

Become a creator of captivating dreams in Kyoto.

The site is set to fully launch next month in July.

monolith soft

The Monolith Soft Kyoto team is a talented bunch. Their current project is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, developed alongside Nintendo EPD, which stole the show at E3 earlier this month.

Platforms for their next game isn’t confirmed but they were hiring developers with Nintendo 3DS experience. This could be completely separate though.

Looking forward to Monolith Soft’s next game? Let us know below.

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