“Monpoké” trademarked by Nintendo, Gamefreak and Creatures Inc., Possibly for a merchandise line?

The three companies behind Pokemon; Nintendo, Gamefreak and Creatures Inc. have filed for a joint trademark for “Monpoké”.

There’s no announcement, no information, we just have the trademark filing and the image below which is mostly likely the official logo of the brand.

The IP is obviously related to Pokemon, we expect it to be for an official Merchandise or/clothing line.

Previous Pokemon Merchandise and clothing were sold under the Nintendo badge, going forth they’ll most likely using this independent Monpoké brand.


This is probably a move to satisfy the shareholders of the Pokemon IP which are Nintendo, Gamefreak and Creatures Inc. even though the latter are owned by Nintendo themselves.

Huge companies like these like to operate independently, so having a joint trademark would allow them to assess their assets better. This move is Nintendo shuffling around assets around really, nothing more.

Thoughts on the Monpoké brand? Like the logo? Let us know in the comments.

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